Autore/Author: Guido Cozzi
Larghezza max / Max width (in cm): 385
Altezza max / Max height (in cm): 360

Artistic wallpaper of the Collection Buildings

Florence is filled to its brim with churches and has also a lot more to offer of course. One of the churches almost everybody visiting Florence will see is the Santa Maria Novella church, close to the main train station (with the same name as the church). In this wallpaper, a detailed picture of the Santa Maria Novella church has been set on a background of an old wall where the plaster has peeled off.

The wallpaper is rich in detail, see the images on top.

This Italian wallpaper (it really is a Florentine wallpaper) is similar to the wallpaper of another church in Florence: Design wallpaper San Miniato Intonaco.

The design wallpaper Santa Maria Novella Intonaco is part of the collection Palazzi.

Artistic wallpaper of the Collection Buildings