Autore/Author: Guido Cozzi
Larghezza max / Max width (in cm): 600
Altezza max / Max height (in cm): 390

Design wallpaper of collection Polvere e Sale

The design wallpaper 3 Moai is part of the collection Polvere e Sale.

For those who are looking for a special wallpaper, this one could fit the bill. It is original and well balanced and tells a great story. 

The story of the Moai on Easter Island is an interesting one. Until recent the Moai were the symbol of the human greed, causing self destruction. A Dutch historian has been looking at this story and with help from other historian have shed a new light on it all. No longer are the Moai a symbol of greed, yet a symbol of human strength and adaptation to difficult circumstances.

Some details of this wallpaper can be found on top.

Design wallpaper of collection Polvere e Sale