Autore/Author: Guido Cozzi
Larghezza max / Max width (in cm): 750
Altezza max / Max height (in cm): 500

Artistic wallpaper of the Collection Q

A beautiful and rich wallpaper of rusted steel plates a different colours. The steel plates have reacted to the aging process in various ways. Some have turned a slight yellow, others blu and others greenish or grey. The wallpaper has a natural look. In case you prefer to have all the same colour, we can make the wallpaper of only one plate and repeat that. Acciaio means 'steel' in Italian.

A similar wallpaper, but with fewer squares is: Design wallpaper Acciaio 12

Our design wallpaper Acciaio 24 is part of the collection Q. A detail of this wallpaper can be found on top.

This is a wallpaper consisting of modules, therefore it is possible to combine several of them to cover a bigger area.

Artistic wallpaper of the Collection Q