Autore/Author: Guido Cozzi
Larghezza max / Max width (in cm): 600
Altezza max / Max height (in cm): 400

Artistic wallpaper of the Collection Q

Design wallpaper Cimabue 4Q is a calm wallpaper in terracotta colours.

On top you can find images of the details of this wallpaper, where you can see how rich it is, yet it does not dominate. The design is based on the artwork of the Italian artist Cimabue, from around 1300. Cimabue is seen as the teacher of another very famous Italian artist Giotto.

The squares of this wallpaper are the same as the wallpapers Caleidoscopio Arte Cimabue (there are several different colours). The wallpaper with same colour is: Design wallpaper Cimabue 4

Our design wallpaper Cimabue 4Q is part of the collection Q.

It is a wallpaper consisting of modules, therefore it is possible to combine several of them to cover a bigger area.

Artistic wallpaper of the Collection Q