We are continuously developing new kinds of wallpaper designs, playing with ideas and trying them out. Below you can see some images of these developments. 'Opera' is Latin for 'work'.
Not all the wallpapers below are going to be realised.
This is a lab where we experiment and only the better designs will be added to our wallpaper portfolio. In case you are interested in a design below, do This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will develop it as soon as possible.


Some images while the wallpaper is being designed, made ... and also from where the inspiration can come from.



Wall music ...


A new series of wallpaper based the the theme Africa where Guido has travelled extensively as a photographer for the most renown international magazines.



Wallpaper in white, based on ... indeed ... real paper!



A series of wallpaper that might need deciphering, based on works by Andrea del Castagno.



This wallpaper brings the outside in.



We already have the collection Q, wallpaper consisting of squares. here are some new ideas we are still thinking about and working on.


Righe / lines

Wallpaper with lines and variations in colour and more ...


Di tutto / A bit of everything

The new wallpaper designs that are without a collection for the time being.